Portrait of a Place: Gods Own Junkyard / by Andrew Wilson

Have you ever wondered what a place may look like if it was filled to the rafters with a huge assortment of neon-lights? I can't say I have, but I know I will never have to after visiting Gods Own Junkyard (godsownjunkyard.co.uk). 

Situated in the Ravenswood Industrial Estate in Walthamstow (North-East London), Gods Own Junkyard is the home to a collection of Chris Bracey's work and other items he collected. Bracey passed away last year and was known as the "Neon Man" and created many neon signs for the Soho sex scene and for films such as Eyes Wide Shut and several Batman films.

Walking into Gods Own Junkyard is a unique experience as you are greeted by a wave of colour and information; a contrast to the approach to the building through the industrial estate after walking through a village-like neighbourhood.

Inside Ravenswood Industrial Estate.

Approaching the front door to Gods Own Junkyard.

As soon as you walk inside this is what you see!

It’s an Aladdin's Cave of a place, filled with neon-lights and other props and pieces such as huge disco balls, a dummy shark head and Jesus in a shack. If all the browsing around makes you feel a bit peckish there is a little café, handily tucked away in amongst the neon glow. If you’re in the area or have a fancy for all things neon then I would recommend checking it out!

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