Portrait of a Place: A Wavertree Neighbourhood in Limbo / by Andrew Wilson

July 2015 - looking down Cicely Street.

For several years on my walk to work I have made the same journey from Liverpool's city centre to the Wavertree Technology Park. About half-way through the walk I get to this area in Wavertree that was once several rows of old-terraced housing that were boarded up, knocked down and cleared up.

In the initial phase new housing was built on a portion of this land and finished around two years ago, with another phase starting now. In the meantime the rest of the land that was cleared up has been left untouched, allowing grass, weeds and plants to grow wild. 

March 2013 (shot on black and white film) - a row of houses on Janet Street before demolishment. 

April 2013 - a barrier blocks off the demolition zone.

April 2013 - a house gets taken apart.

Observing this gradual change through the gaps of the remaining shops and flats that line the main road, there came a point this summer where I felt I could capture an interesting series of photos to document this area before it transforms again. Over several evenings when walking home after work I decided to stop by and capture different details and aspects of the area. I hope that together they create  a sense of time, hinting at past, present and future.

Click/swipe through my selection of photos below. Please let me know what you think in the comments box further below. Thanks for reading!