Oslo - Part One / by Andrew Wilson

The Norwegian flag fluttering above the entrance to the Folkemuseum.

Good old summer holidays - you just can't beat them can you? Whether it's a going to the other end of the country or the other side of the world, going away for the summer is always something to look forward to and enjoy as a mid-year break. 

Last August my girlfriend and I went on a little holiday to Oslo, the beautiful capital city of Norway. We picked a great time to go - from the day we arrived to the day we left we had sublime summer weather (although not quite ideal when lugging around camera gear!).


Flying over snow-patched Norwegian mountains as we approach Oslo.


For this blog I have decided to split it into two parts; I'm happy with my selection of photos but there's too many to look through in one sitting. So in this part you will see the first full day and a half where we visited the Vigeland Park and Museum, wandered around the city, enjoyed an evening boat tour on the Oslo Fjord and visited the outdoor Folkemuseum.

You might also notice a few of the square black and white photos look different from the other photos - these were taken on film with my Holga camera, giving a different aesthetic to the digital photos.

So kick-back, relax and have a look through my photos: 

Day 1 - the Oslo City Museum shows how the city changed over hundreds of years.

One of many statues by Gustav Vigeland (1869 - 1943) dotted around Vigeland Park.


Amazing detail in this sculpture as figures entwine and spiral upwards, forming this structure.


A huge figure lying down outside the Vigeland Museum.


Statues inside the Vigeland Museum.


Maquettes illustrate the process between making smaller figures to the larger scale statues dotted around the Vigeland Park.


Wandering the city.


The Royal Palace.


Taking a break in the shade.


A metallic diver.


On the shrimp boat tour - the Dyna Fyr, a solitary building in the middle of the Fjord. A lighthouse in the past, now a restaurant.


The sun begins to set.

The cosy atmosphere on the boat.


The Oslo Opera House as the tour draws to a close.

Day 2 - a postboard filled with rusty staples on our walk to the Folkenmuseum.

Cows graze on the grounds of The Royal Manor in Bygdøy.

Inside the Folkemuseum, an open-air museum which shows how life has changed over the years in Norway.


This Stave Church was built in the 12th century in Gol and relocated to Oslo in 1884. Read more about it here.


Detail on a doorway into the church.


Inside the church. The interior is quite small and dark as light only enters through doorways.


Heart and spade shapes carved into the side of a hut.


As you get to the other side of the Folkemuseum you see how life changed in the 1950-70's as modern technology started to appear. 

. . .

So that rounds up part one of my trip to Oslo. Thanks for reading and please leave any thoughts or comments below. If you've had a great holiday recently please share the experience, or if you have one planned where are you going?

I hope you enjoyed these photos and are looking forward to part two (read here). Be sure to subscribe below to find out when the next blog is released.