Prints for Sale / by Andrew Wilson

Back in August I had my first solo exhibition 'Visual Notes of Curiosity' (read about it here), from which I have prints that I am now selling in this post.

I've thought about implementing some kind of print-purchase feature on this site, but to begin with this will be my first foray into that. So if you're interested keep on reading.

 Firstly a few things to note:

- All prints (except 'The Library Van') are direct prints on aluminium dibond. Aluminium dibond is a substrate material that consists of a black polyethylene core sandwiched inbetween sheets of aluminium - this makes the print lightweight and strong. The photo is printed directly on to coated aluminium using UV cured inks, resulting in a silky-matt finish.

Aluminium dibond cross section. This substrate is 3mm thick.

- 'The Library Van' uses aluminium dibond as a base, but then adds a high quality paper print and matte acrylic glass on top. The acrylic gives the photo an extra layer of depth and presentation.

*Photo print sandwiched inbetween matte acrylic glass and aluminium dibond. The acrylic is 2mm thick.

- Every print comes with aluminium hanging rails on the back for easy hanging.

Aluminium hanging rails.

- I have photographed the prints by holding them up so you get an idea of the size of the them. Dimensions are displayed for each print so you can measure up a space.

- All prints can be titled, dated and signed on the back if you like.

- Prices do not include post & packaging. I would post by 2nd class signature required, and depending on the size of the print, I would expect this to cost between £5-15.

- I'll accept payment by bank transfer or Paypal.

- I will update prints as they sell. If one you like has sold then please get in touch as I could order another one for you (the price may differ from this listing).

So take a look below through the various galleries to see the prints I'm selling. Click on any image to enlarge and click/swipe through the galleries. If anything interests you then please get in touch with me via my contact page or any of my social media profiles. Thanks for looking!

Paris, 2012

Lake District (Eltwerwater), 2014

('The Library Van' is a photo print sandwiched inbetween matte acrylic glass and aluminium dibond. See above for a detail photo of the layers.)

Wavertree, 2015

Blackpool, 2015

Oslo, 2015

Crosby, 2015

Formby, 2015