The Lake District: Winter Scenes & Quarry Exploration / by Andrew Wilson

A winter trip to the Lake District is a bit of a tradition in my family. It's become an important place to us and we've been fortunate to visit most years since I was about 3 years old.

Naturally it's a place I have enjoyed taking my camera around with me over the years. As my skills have improved so has the quality of my photos, leading to me take some of my favourites in recent years.




In the constant search for improvement I wanted to step up the quality of my photos and explore some new places during our most recent visit in November. It’s quite easy to go to the same places year-in-year-out, but when you explore somewhere new you can feel inspired and stimulated by new surroundings.

One of the highlights of this recent visit was stumbling across quarry caves in Little Langdale, in particular the inside of the ‘Cathedral Quarry’. Walking through the tunnel and seeing this cavernous space took me by complete surprise (watch the video further below to get an idea of the space).

To improve my photos I really needed to be more selective with the available light. If the light didn't complement the scene then I chose to move on. I hope this reflects in the quality of these photos and that you enjoy this series.

Starting off my walk in Elterwater towards Skelwith Bridge.

Admiring this little waterfall with my brother.


Crossing Woodburn Bridge over River Brathay.


Loose change wedged into the trunk of this fallen tree.


A mountain view in between farm houses.

Looking across to the peaks of Little Langdale.

When exploring this area of Little Langdale I stumbled across this quarry space. Watch the short video clip below to get an idea of the space.


After exploring the quarry space I made my way up to the right of this photo where I could look all around me (see the video below).

After having a good look around I started to make my way back, when I decided to have a look inside the space to the right of this sign, known as the 'Cathedral Quarry' (see the video below).

I had no idea what the space would be like as I entered...

...when I saw this space I was stunned.

This photo including people should give an idea of scale.


After leaving the 'Cathedral Quarry' I spotted this sheep displaying some impressive wall-walking skills.


I couldn't resist...

Low sunlight behind these trees along River Brathay.

Colourful sunset across Lake Windermere.

That rounds out this trip to the Lakes. I'm hoping I can explore some new places next time and capture even better photos!

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